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Feb 22

6 Benefits of SSL Certificates

By Steven | Uncategorized

Google and SSLs

At the beginning of 2017, Google started punishing sites without HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure). Many started seeing their Google ranking slip and traffic decrease. Though the change in policy caused a scramble among website owners, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just encourages website owners to secure their sites with an SSL Certificate.

What Are SSL Certificates?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a protocol which creates a secure connection between a client and the server over which to send information. The simple explanation for how it works is by using a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data. The first key is a private or secret key, only known to the recipient of the message. The second key is a public key, known to everyone.

What Are The Benefits of SSL Certificates For Businesses

  1. Protect sensitive information. The best way to protect sensitive data is to send it written in code. HTTPS encrypts data so that it is unrecognizable. Once it arrives safely, the information is the decoded for use.
  2. Look more professional. Any business that wants an SSL certificate for its website must be checked by the certificate authority issuing the certificate.
  3. Increase visitor loyalty to your site. If your site uses account logins with personal data, then you should have an SSL certificate in place anyway. Visitors who know their information is protected are more likely to keep coming back.
  4. Attract more shoppers. If you are selling online, then expect your shoppers to check to see if you have SSL. Without it, they might not even stay long enough to see what you have to offer.
  5. Make more sales. At your online checkout, SSL clinches the sale. If you are using a reputable checkout system, it will offer SSL to your buyers for you. But remember, you may still want your own SSL in place for the other reasons listed here.
  6. Protect your own information. Whether it’s an exclusive promotional code or voucher you’re sending to your website visitor, SSL protects the information you both send and receive.
web design pricing
Feb 22

Web Design Pricing Guide

By Steven | New Website

Web Design Pricing – How much does a New Website cost?

If you’re considering getting a new website and want to learn more about web design pricing, or how much a website should cost, then you’re in the right place.

You could send the same web design proposal to 4 different website companies and you will get back four different quotes. Often with a very wide range of prices and timelines.

As you might have noticed, web design pricing can be tricky. You may be asking yourself “how much will my new website cost?”. Instead you should ask the question, “what should my expectations be for the budget I have?”

Generally speaking, web design pricing can range from free, to $100,000+. Therefore the best solution doesn’t just depend on price. Rather how you, your goals and your budget align together.

With this in mind, this article will give you a sense of exactly what you can expect from a new website at several price ranges. We also offer suggestions and solutions that might be right for you based on your budget.


To understand what price you should expect to pay for your website, your goals, budget, and personal involvement will all need to be factored in together.

YOU – First, how involved do you want to be during this process? If you have little, to no budget you will be the designer, developer, project manager, content writer, and marketer. As your budget increases, ultimately this will reduce the amount of time and energy you need to devote to your new website.

GOALS – Next, what kind of a website do you want? Do you want a website that looks “good enough”? Better than your competitors? Or the leader in your industry? Each of these goals is different and your budget will need to adjust accordingly.

BUDGET – Finally, your budget will be affected by your goals for your new website and how much involvement you plan on having during the project. In other words, the higher quality you want your website to be and less involvement in the deliverables, the higher your budget will have to be.

Web design Pricing, Free Sites

If you want a new website but have little to no money to invest in it, that’s no problem! There are plenty of free options out there. Most of these solutions however are free website builders which offer a limited range of templates to choose from.

In addition to website builders another option is to install a free WordPress theme on a self-hosted server. In this case you’ll still need to pay for hosting, which isn’t free and this option will require a lot more technical knowledge to implement. Provided that you have the time and the patience this is a viable option.

TEAM: Yourself
PLATFORM: Online Website Builder
DESIGN: Pre-Made Template
• Pages – 1
• Page Templates – No
• Revisions – None
• SEO – None
• Social Media Integration – None
• SSL – None


Generic template design
• “Free” Branding on site
• Lack of customization
• Lock of S.E.O
• Unprofessional look
• Slow setup

Who is this right for?
• First time blogger
• Personal website
• Small club or group

Here are some of the better free website builders available:

Web Design Pricing, -$2,500 Websites

If you have up to $2,500, then you will likely be hiring a local freelance web designer to help you modify a premium theme.

When working at this price-point you are paying for a ‘semi-custom’ design. In most cases designers at this price-range are selling ‘template’ websites. By that token, if you are only paying $2k-$3k for a website it is almost certainly not a custom website.

TEAM: Local solo designer
PLATFORM: WordPress, Wix, Joomla
DESIGN: These designers often use templates
 • Pages – 5-10
 • Revisions – 1-2
 • SEO – None
 • Responsive Design – Maybe
 • Social Media Integration – Limited

 • Local person to communicate with
 • Decent quality work

 • The quality may not be good enough for most small businesses
 • Still a slow set up with only one person working on the whole project
 • Usually overbooked and rarely delivers on time

In summary, who is this right for?
Useful for an individual marketing their personal services who is on a budgetBy and large, good for a very small business starting out who needs a web presence.

Yelp or Craigslist are probably the best places to find a freelance web designer. Obviously the quality varies greatly depending on who you hire:


Web Design Pricing, $5-10k Websites

Once you reach the $5k-$10k range you have way more options. First, you will be working with a legitimate design firm. Second, you will be getting a truly custom design. Third, you won’t have just a developer working on your project. Instead, you will be working with a dedicated project manager. Additionally your project manager will help to organize and manage the entire design and development process, making your life a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, some companies at this price range will STILL try to sell you a ‘semi-custom’ template without informing you. So always make sure to do your due diligence before hiring a firm!

At this price point you are getting a ‘real’ website for a ‘real’ business.

TEAM: Project Manager, Designer, Developer
WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal
Custom Design
 • Pages – 10-50
• Revisions 3-5
• SEO – On page
• Responsive Design – Yes
• Social Media Integration – Yes

 • Professional Quality
 • Significantly better design
 • Hands on project managment
 • Notably higher quality development

 • More costly

In summary, who is this right for?
Small or medium-sized businesses looking to refresh their website design. Though, quality still varies depending who you hire.

Web Design Pricing, $10-25k Websites

There are many factors that affect website design pricing in the $10-$25k. First you should consider the type of agency you work with.  Next, the scope of your project and the functional requirements of your project. For example a $20k project might be a small 4-5 page micro-site from a large agency for a pharmaceutical company or it could be a 100 page brochure-type website for a local design firm. At this price-point you are paying for the reputation of the firm and are more concerned with quality of the work and the assurance of a project being successfully brought to completion.

TEAM: Agency, Project Manager, Designer, Developer, Copywriter
PLATFORM: WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Magento, CMS
DESIGN: Custom
 • Pages – 50+
 • Revisions – 5-10
 • SEO – Yes
 • Responsive Design – Yes
 • Social Media Integration – Yes
 • Custom front-end functions
 • Back-end database management

 • Professional Design
 • Professional Development
 • Project Managment
 • Dedicated Support
 • Custom Functionality
 • Content Writer

 • Higher Cost

Who is this right for?
Medium sized businesses with a 100+ pages website.

Web Design Pricing, +$25k Websites

The $25k+ range for companies who are seeking to fulfill a very specific need. It may be for a high functioning e-Commerce website. Or perhaps a membership site with robust back-end functionality. In other cases, you might need a very large website with thousands of pages, or a flashy high-functioning website with a unique front-end interface. In any of these cases, you will mostly be engaging with larger design firms.

TEAM: Agency, Project Manager, Designer, Developer, Copywriter
PLATFORM: Custom Application development. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp are not websites, they are web applications. At this price range you are getting a web application with much more sophisticated custom function than a ‘regular’ website.
DESIGN: Custom
 • Pages – 100+
• Revisions – 7-12
• SEO – Yes
• Responsive Design – Yes
• Social Media Integration – Yes
• Custom front-end functions
• Extensive back-end database management

 Professional Design
 • Professional Development
 • Project Managment
 • Dedicated Support
 • Custom Functionality
 • Content Writer

 • Large Agency Pricing
 • Work handled by juniorstaff
 • Expensive overages and delays

Who is this right for?
Large businesses with several thousand employees and high-security needs.


If you thought web design pricing was all over the map for ‘standard websites,’ that’s nothing compared to an E-Commerce website.

You’re dealing with many additional factors such as payment processing, security, fulfillment, inventory, and inputting many different products skews an E-Commerce website is typically far more complex and expensive than a regular site.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable option to having an E-Commerce website, sites such as Shopify offer a turnkey solution for opening a store online.

Otherwise, when working with a reputable design and development firm, be prepared to pay $10,000-$50,000 and above for an E-Commerce website.


As you can see web design pricing is a little all over the place. It’s hard to have an apples to apple comparison because the quality of what you get is so different from one option to the next.

With that in mind, consider your goals for the project and the value of your time. Next put together a budget that works for you and that you can afford. And remember to do your homework be for you hire a web designer.

New Website Timeline
Feb 21

The Timeline For a New Website

By Steven | New Website

New Website Timeline

Possibly the most frequently asked question we get from potential clients, “How long does it take to create a new website”. Well, the short answer to that question is, it depends on several things.

Depends on what?

In this article, I’ll go over the four major factors that will determine how long it will take to produce your new website.

But, if you’re simply looking for a quick list, here it is:

A simple 10 page website should take about 4-6 weeks. This time frame includes a custom industry-relevant design, and security measures. If someone is telling you they can make a website for you in a week; then it’s not a custom design, and it’s not secure.


The largest bottleneck to the timing of a website launch is how quickly the content can be provided. This is usually the biggest hurdle because the content is provided by the client in most cases. And they are often too caught up in the day-to-day dealings of their business to spend the needed time organizing and preparing the content. This is a problem we are striving to address in our initial phone call, and questionnaire.


The size of the project also has a large effect on how quickly we will be able to finish your website. simply put, larger websites take longer than smaller ones. In general, the more pages a website has, the larger the project is and the longer it takes. The reason for this is because each additional page requires additional QA (quality assurance), Mobile Design, graphics, SEO tagging, etc…


Sheer size isn’t always more time consuming. For example, a 12-page website may take a long time to develop, if each one of those pages has a completely different design, and style from the next. Not only is a total number of pages important, but so is the total number of unique page designs. A unique page design has a different looking layout and design than any other page on the site. If you look at most websites, you’ll see that the homepage has a unique design, but often the inner pages all look at least similar. Websites that have each inner page look different are more complex and typically more expensive. They also take more time to design and develop which impacts how quickly the website can be completed.


The website’s design isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to how quickly it takes to launch a new site. The functionality also plays a huge role. Functionality is basically anything that is dynamic. This can be things like filtering functions, such as project categories or portfolio items. It can also be any movement you see on the screen which is done via HTML5 or javascript and requires quite a bit of additional coding, and time.


Now that you have a better sense of what factors go into the timing of a website project, you may be asking yourself what you can do to ensure your website launches as quickly as possible.

When it comes to getting your website launched quickly one of the most important thing to focus on first is your sitemap. The sitemap is the architecture of all the pages of your website and how they relate to each other. Defining the sitemap, the number of pages, which of them will be uniquely designed and how they will all relate to one another will go a long way in properly defining the scope of your website project and ensuring that it is delivered promptly.